Friday, May 21, 2010

None of us like to talk about this. But we're going to.

Okay, let's face it. Many of us HATE to shop for bras. It's annoying, it takes forever, you're forced to be completely naked in a dressing room (okay, well, that might just be me that has a problem with that), and all the good ones are so expensive!
So, up until yesterday, I used to avoid it like the plague. I've only ever owned two bras at a time, and I just try to make it work. Additionally, I'm extremely lopsided (almost a cup size difference!). So, I hated it with a passion. I wear bras until they fall apart, and generally by that time, they look gross. This is one of my character traits that my mother refuses to deal with. So, for Valentine's Day, she got me a Victoria's Secret gift card and told me that I was only allowed to by bras with it (buying underwear, oddly enough, is not an issue with me, kind of like buying Vera). So finally, yesterday, I remembered to take my card with me when a friend and I went to JC to shop.
Turns out, I've been wearing the complete wrong size since things quit growing while I was in high school. Who would have thought? So, after being enlightened, I found THREE, count them, THREE bras that I liked and (since wonders were apparently never ceasing), they fit. And there is no fallingoutage (new word), and no annoyance at the fact that I have on a bra, and it really doesn't feel like I'm wearing one. The best part about them were the fact that I found all three of them in the sale bins, and my ending total (although a little high, but I had a gift card) was roughly half of what it would have been if the bras were full price.
In the end, while this post was a little out of my comfort zone, I really think that every woman should go have her assets measured at the VS. Even if you don't buy a bra there, get measured. It may surprise you!

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