Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I Love Today

One of the other blogs I follow did a post like this today, and I thought it was an excellent idea. Sooooo...
1) I got a new Vera today. I should probably stop buying them.
2) I didn't have to work at the Burger King today. (Annnd I might have a new job! Eeek! Details forthcoming.)
3) I'm going to finish The Man Who Was Thursday tonight. Very excited about that, and starting Orthodoxy.

Annnnnnnd, that's my list! The house (meaning myself) is in a frenzy of packing. I have to decide what's going to Grandmother's, if anything needs to go to Chattanooga, and what I need here until I move. My Civil Rights class is also overnighting in Atlanta this weekend, so there is that to prepare for, too. Whew! What a week.

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