Thursday, June 24, 2010

I warned you.

I did. Honestly. A long time ago, I made that statement that I am the worst blogger EVER. And the fact that I have been absent for 3 weeks proves this. My sincerest apologies and a big post to make up for it!!
I didn't manage to upload these pictures in a cohesive order, so you're going to have to deal. :) But we still love each other, right? These are a little bit of what's been going on in my life in the last three weeks.

So, the summer of MAKING has gone almost halfway by and I haven't made very much. :( However, I now have a solution!!

I've been printing off new recipes, patterns, etc. and putting them here for easy access. Yay!

Then, there is this beautiful thing:

Which may, or may not be, a carseat/carrier blanket for a beautiful kid named Izzy.

I super love this yarn!!

I finally made the Italian burgers left over from my meatball foray.

These gorgeous puppies are dressed with sauteed onions, cream cheese, a fresh tomato, and spinach. Yum! They were so good.

I found a turtle in the yard! I named him Turtle.

I was in a wedding! This is a picture of her gorgeous cake.

I celebrated the 7 year mark for this beautiful kid here.

Most of the time, she looks like this:

I completed two summer courses, and read 12 books in two months with > 150 pages.

I made my first meringue! So beautiful. And so yummy.

That is all for the update. I promise, more book reviews coming!! And (hopefully) a finished shot of the baby blanket.

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